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Zibo Kenhan Refractory Material Co., Ltd is a professional company which is focusing on researching, developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality refractory materials for glass furnaces. 

The main products wich Kenhan are manufacturing  include: Fused-Magnesite bricks, Magnesite-Ziron bricks, Low-Porosity Fireclay bricks, Sillimanite Products, Corundum-Mullite Products, Fused-Mullite Products, Bonded-Mullite Products, Zircon-Mullite Products, High-Dense Zircon Bricks, Mullite Insulation Products, and various unshaped refractory materials.

Kenhan's products can be used on the furnaces to produce Container glass, Float glass, Electric glass, Solar photovoltaic glass(TCO), Glass Fiber, Glass wool, Sodium silicate and Glass raw materials .

Kenhan always insist on "Based on China, Serving the World", and we have a professional research-develop production and sales team, which is committed to supplying the high-quality products and professional service for global glass companies.

Through the constantly innovate, Kenhan now has 7 Innovation-Patents,  the outcome of innovative products not only fill in the blanks in the refractory industry, but also enhance the productive efficiency and the life-time of the glass furnace.

'Kenhan Refractory' are highly commended by worldwide customers with extraodinary quality, accurate measurement and excellent appearance.

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